EDI Payor ID List




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    Alice DeWitt

    Please help me understand what this is about.

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    Victoria Roberts

    Hi Alice, 

    EDI Payor IDs list the payor IDs with various clearinghouses that are connected with PH Tech to receive claims on behalf of our contracted payors. You locate the clearinghouse you wish to submit claims through, and enter the associated payer ID on your claims. 

    Are you needing to submit claims to one of the payers on the list?  If so, please call 503-584-2169 Opt. 1 to speak to an EDI Support team member, like myself, about how we can help you navigate electronic claims for these payers. 


    Your friendly neighborhood EDI Support Team

    3993 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE | Salem, OR 97302

    Tel 503.584.2169 Opt. 1 for EDI Support

    EDI.Support@phtech.com |  www.phtech.com


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